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Film Makers: 15 Groundbreaking Women Directors

In Hollywood, women don’t have to be in front of the camera to shine!

Each of the 15 women profiled in Film Makers shares a common trait: she is, as Shonda Rimes says, “First. Only. Different.”

These phenomenal women have redefined the film and television industry, winning awards historically given to a male counterpart, being the only woman in a writers’ room, or portraying stories no one else could tell.

While their resumes are impressive, it is how they live their lives that has made a greater impact in the communities they serve. Many of them, like Gina Prince-Bythewood and Greta Gerwig, mentor other women. Some, like Agnieszka Holland and Chloé Zhao, have stood up to those who seek to ignore or silence them. All of them tell their stories with passion and integrity, serving as role models and champions for future generations. We hope they will inspire you to use the tools of film to tell your story!

“Packed with fascinating film history, this infomative book will inspire the next generation of women filmmakers. Look out, Hollywood!” — Susanna Reich, author of Jose! Born to Dance

“Engaging, impassioned” — Kirkus Reviews

“Aspiring directors and young film buffs will be inspired… An appealing look at some of today’s best-known women filmmakers.” — Booklist

Miller-Lachmann, Lyn and Tanisia “Tee” Moore. Film Makers: 15 Groundbreaking Women Directors. Chicago Review Press, 2022. Women of Power series. ISBN 978-1-64160-610-3, $16.99.