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Posted on Feb 21, 2021 in Blog, Lego, Music, Writing

A Humble House and a Reunion

A Humble House and a Reunion

My newest Lego Tiny House, the Humble House.

I’m still tinkering with one of the poems from MOONWALKING (title to be changed soon) before tomorrow’s deadline for this revision. I also spent the weekend tinkering with a new Lego Tiny House that I built a couple of weeks ago. That “revision” turned out to be quite extensive, as I broke down walls to add a kitchen to the dining area, reduced the size of the sleeping loft and put in a bed, and rebuilt the roof with a new chimney.

The roof comes from these minifigure stands.

Just as I start a new book from my image of a character or a kernel of a conflict or situation, I started this tiny house because of a roof design upon which I wanted to expand. Anyone who’s bought a Lego minifigure from a blind bag series — up to 21 series now — knows that they come on 4 x 3 tiles with four studs for the minifig and accessories. Over the years, I’ve stacked up a lot of these minifig stands because I’ve placed the characters in my town. I thought the tiles would make a solid and attractive roof for a small house, one that resembles the metal roofs on a lot of houses.

A minifigure who gave up her stand when she moved to Little Brick Township.

I haven’t made a Lego Tiny House in a while, and all the ones I’ve made in the past have been auctioned off for fundraisers. My newest, which I call the Humble House, because it’s one of the smallest I’ve made, is an 8 x 12 stud construction with a kitchen (built-in sink, wood stove, and microwave), dining table (where the minifig is enjoying coffee and a donut), and a sleeping loft. Our homeowner has stacked a supply of wood to cook and keep the place warm. The Humble House sits next to the train tracks and is well-located for a worker at the station or rail yards.

While I had my pieces out for building, I decided to build a keyboard/synthesizer in honor of JJ, my protagonist in MOONWALKING. I have a character in mind for him from the town, but for now, the person playing the new instrument is Maddie Mumfield, the eldest daughter of Little Brick Township’s favorite folk-rock band Mumfield & Daughters. Eight years ago, Mumfield & Daughters enjoyed modest success, but times and fashions changed, and Ma and her five daughters had to step back from making and performing music in order to make a living. Ma and Maddie returned to their day jobs at Cafe Corner and the hotel upstairs. Second daughter Marissa, shown earlier working as a clerk in Town Hall, had to increase her hours, and playing the guitar fell by the wayside. Melanie sold her banjo to a guy in Winter Village to raise cash and became a full-time community organizer. Percussionist Mikayla moved away for work, as did the youngest Mumfield, Miriam, who left her upright bass behind with Marissa.

Mumfield & Daughters reunion, from left, Maddie, Marissa, Melanie, Ma, Mikayla, and Miriam.

As with me and my writing, things improved for the Mumfields, and they are now on a reunion tour with their new instruments. Ma has a spiffy new saxophone and Maddie the double-deck synthesizer that I built. Marissa has replaced her homemade guitar with an official Lego guitar. Melanie was able to buy her banjo back. Miriam’s upright bass looks a little worse for the wear, but perhaps the new year will bring an upgrade.

OK, back to work on that deadline…

[Update 3/14/21, Pi Day: The title for MOONWALKING has been decided, and it is…MOONWALKING]

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