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Posted on Aug 25, 2013 in Blog, Lego

Little Brick Township Gets a New Billboard, And So Do I

Little Brick Township Gets a New Billboard, And So Do I

Those who have visited my blog over the past eleven months of its existence may have noticed a new look. Yesterday, my brand-new site went live, as I replaced the old iWeb template that I designed myself with a professionally developed WordPress template.

Last month, at the Alumni Mini-Residency at Vermont College of Fine Arts, I had a consultation with the multi-talented Kirsten Cappy of Curious City, which helps children’s and YA authors build platforms and market their published work. Kirsten explained to me that more and more authors are moving from static websites focused on their books and school visit programs to dynamic websites that emphasize their blogs and other information that can be updated regularly. The reason for this is search engines, which like home pages that change. Hence the stress on dynamic rather than static sites.

LBTsign2Not every author has a regular blog, however, and for those, a static site that provides reliable information for teachers and librarians on published books and visits is still useful. I began a new blog when I moved to Portugal last September, mainly to keep family and friends informed, but according to my mother, that little blog developed a loyal following (so much so that she thought I should sell advertising to Portugal’s Ministry of Tourism). When I returned, I thought I would run out of things to say, but that has apparently not happened, thanks mainly to the two-inch-high denizens of Little Brick Township. Kirsten thought my little blog had grown up, to the point that it needed to become the front page of my website.

So this past weekend, Little Brick Township got a new billboard with the town’s name and population (currently 306), and I got a new front page, logo, and template for my site. In addition to visible updated content, this new site offers a way for readers to comment, which my last site lacked as well. And I hope all of you do comment. In fact, anyone who comments on this post by 11:59 on Monday, August 26 (which gives you about 24 hours from when this post goes up) will receive a specially-chosen minifigure from the LEGO Series 10 collection.

No, that does not include Mr. Gold. I did not get Mr. Gold.


  1. Thank you, Sandra! A very special minifigure is coming your way. I’ll let you know as soon as she’s ready to go.

  2. Great new look, Lyn!!!

  3. Love the new look, Lyn!

    • Thank you, Linda! I have a minifig picked out for you too!

  4. The new billboard looks fantastic! And I enjoyed your commentary on static vs. dynamic sites. We did not do our best with putting our dynamic content in the right place in a group book project I worked on, and ended up basically losing all connection on the web between the book and the new web content that was inspired by it.

    • That happened to a member of my critique group, and the person who designed my site was able to merge the static website for her books with her blog. So these things can be fixed.

  5. This new site looks great, much more elegant than the old one. I am so glad all the old blog entries still are available.

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