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Posted on Jan 19, 2022 in Blog, Writing

New Pages!

New Pages!

Because I had a long publishing hiatus, this site hasn’t seen any new pages for a while. In fact, I’d almost forgotten how to add them!

With four books coming out this year and another in 2023, I had to take action. Fortunately, I was able to make the changes without ruining my site, and now my two spring 2022 books have their own pages. You can see the page for She Persisted: Temple Grandin here. The book is due out on April 5 and will have editions in hardcover, paperback, e-book, audiobook, and eventually, Spanish. This is the first time I’ve had simultaneous hardcover and paperback editions, and my very first audiobook. I’m especially pleased because it’s another point of access for students with disabilities and my subject is an autistic scientist who struggled in school.

Moonwalking also has its own page. This verse novel co-authored with Zetta Elliott is due out on April 12. It has three editions — a hardcover, an e-book, and an audiobook with Findaway that will include a copy of the book with the recording. Zetta and I are pleased to have two acclaimed narrators who will read the alternating poems from Pie’s and JJ’s points of view. Caz Harleaux will be the voice of Pie, and Michael Crouch will be JJ’s voice. I heard their auditions, and they are amazing! Like She Persisted: Temple Grandin, Moonwalking features an autistic protagonist who is diagnosed with learning disabilities. The verse novel format has proven successful with young readers who may have trouble with prose novels, and having the poems read aloud while the child follows in the book (which also features illustrations) is an ideal way to present this story.

What about all my other books, you may ask. Film Makers has a final cover and is now on my main Books page, but I’m waiting to give this book its own page until the first two launch. Film Makers isn’t scheduled to appear until August 16, so I’m trying to give my April books their moment in the sun.

The cover for Torch will not be revealed until May, as this YA historical novel isn’t due out until November 1. Until I have the official cover, I won’t be adding a new page for this book. But I’ve seen the cover, and it’s perfect for the story, working on a number of layers. It reminds me a lot of the cover for Gringolandia, which is appropriate as Torch is probably the book most like my award-winning YA debut.

I did keep the announcements on my Books page for Torch and Ways to Play. Even though the announcement says fall 2022, Ways to Play, illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo, will in fact come out in 2023, giving me a bit more breathing room between books and guaranteeing I will not be a one-year publishing phenomenon.

I’m also working on new projects, again so I won’t be a one-year or one-hit wonder. One of them is a YA historical novel in verse, which I started before Zetta and I developed the proposal for Moonwalking and set aside because the acceptance of the proposal meant that the novel had to be, actually, written. I’m also working on proposals for three nonfiction projects: another in the Women of Power series because it was a fun book to write, a biography in verse, and a historical nonfiction project that I believe is especially timely as so many people in the U.S. and around the world seem to be rejecting democracy in favor of authoritarian forms of governance.


  1. So many congratulations, Lyn, not only for all of these successes but also for your own persistence in bringing autistic characters to the forefront and in the midst of your own personal sadness.

  2. I am bursting with pride. Congrats from one of your fans.

  3. Yay, Lyn! I’ve been waiting for your new books!!!

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