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Posted on Aug 1, 2022 in Blog, Languages, Writing

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!

The publishing industry involves a lot waiting. Waiting to hear from agents on queries. Waiting to hear what a new agent thinks about the revision and whether the manuscript is now ready for submission. Waiting for editors to decide — a process that involves a whole lot of second reads and a tough acquisition committee. Waiting for the book announcement in Publishers Weekly or Publishers Marketplace. Waiting on editorial notes, line and copy edits, and the like. Waiting on reviews. Waiting for the launch date, many of which have been postponed due to the pandemic and supply chain issues. While we wait, we authors aren’t allowed to say anything. For every bit of good news we can’t keep contained, we swear our friends to secrecy.

I haven’t posted in a while because I was traveling and teaching, but I can’t disappear altogether. Besides, in two days, some very good news will go live and I will be able to announce it in this space.

In the meantime, I’m working on a translation of a hybrid graphic novel/verse novel that I’m thoroughly enjoying. And despite not being able to say more pending an official announcement, I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from this novel, due out in May 2023.

It talks about secrets.

Tell Told Told

My mom used to say, “Secrets don’t tell themselves. That’s why they’re called secrets. When people complain that secrets get out, they have only themselves to blame. They shouldn’t have told anyone in the first place.”

I don’t think my mom is a person with many secrets.

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